• <h3>   Brick Paint Removal </h3> <br />  Brick Wall Restoration Services
  • <h3>   Lead Paint Removal </h3> <br />  Surface to be repainted after paint removal
  • <h3>   Concrete Sealer Removal </h3> <br />  sealer has failed on suface turning milky white over driveway

Paint Removal Services Melbourne

Welcome Bardwell Paint Removal services in Melbourne based in the Eastern Suburbs we service all metro areas, we remove all types of paint and sealers from various surfaces including brick, render, concrete, metal and timber.

Reasons for removing paint maybe the existing paint maybe lead paint and needs to be removed for safety reasons as it maybe flaking and the new paint won`t stick unless the old stuff comes off or simply the paint is failing on the surface and needs to be removed.

The brick walls may have been painted and the paint needs to be removed to showcase original bricks and mortar of building.

Concrete sealer removal

reasons, the sealer maybe failing on the surface and has turned milky white, the sealer on your concrete maybe a slip hazard when wet or you are completely changing the look and any existing sealer coating that are on the floor will inhibit the surface coating from bonding well.

Concrete paint removal

is usually done on a commercial floor surface, factory, warehouse or shop floors we use various means of removing paint froms floors using special paint strippers with clean & capture pressure cleaning, mostly we`ll use concrete grinders to remove floor paint.





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